Book Week 2021

Merchandise options will be uploaded here as soon as they are finalised.

Federal Government & Department of Education Grant 2019–2022:

All Institutional Members will receive a merchandise package: 1 Book Week Poster & 1 Shortlist Poster, 30 assorted Bookmarks, 1 sheet of 30 stickers, 1 Bunting and 1 pen.

Personal/concessional members will receive a merchandise package: 2 Bookmarks and 1 Pen.

Order directly from us and save money. The merchandise is designed to engage readers and is wonderful for book displays and student prizes, or can be enjoyed for your own personal use. Select from posters, badges, stickers, bookmarks, pens and bunting.

Please support your Tasmanian Branch by using the Merchandise Form (above) ensuring all of your details are provided so that we can get your merchandise to you quickly.