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2022 Executive elected on October 30, 2021

Your 2021 executive are:
President - Steve Martin
Vice President - Roxanne Steenbergen
Secretary - Loretta Brazendale
Treasurer and Public Officer - Felicity Sly

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From the blog: Snapshot 1: The 2022 CBCA Conference

Readers who could not attend the CBCA Conference in person, or as a virtual participant are in for a treat with the first of several posts that bring great moments to life. This week, Lian Tanner, shares some perspectives as both an ‘on the ground’  presenter and a participant.

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From the blog: Being Seen: Why Modern Picture Books Matter

Selecting and sharing books for children and teens can be a challenging exercise as we try to ensure a balance of views and perspectives that is also shaped by own experiences and preferences. Lyndon Riggall provides food for thought as he raises some of these issues to consider the importance of incorporating contemporary children’s literature into the mix.

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From the blog: Michael Rosen

Prolific and popular author, Michael Rosen, became seriously ill with Covid early in the pandemic and has written of his experiences. Join Maureen as she talks about his two recent publications – one for adults and one for children - that provide a recount of his illness, recovery, resilience and support from others in overcoming his illness.

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From the blog: Book Week 2022 - SUN Project for Student Voice & Choice

An exciting new Book of the Year (BOTY) activity is being offered throughout Australia in 2022. 18 Tasmanian Schools have been accepted to take part in the Shadow Judging of the Book of the Year Awards. This project is called the SUN Project and the ethos of the program is that Young Voices are Welcome Here.

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Book of the Year Shadow Judging

19 Tasmanian Schools are completing the Shadow Judging in 2022. 11 have been funded by CBCA National with RISE funding as SUN Project Schools. The other 8 schools are being funded using the Book Week Grant funding.

Each school selected one category, and the students are busily reading and 'shadowing' the judging process that the CBCA judges use.

The results of their 'shadow judging' will be announced on Friday August 26.

More information will become available via the SUN Project website

Book Week 2022: August 20-26

Dreaming with eyes open....

Art work by Jasmine Seymour

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