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2021 Executive elected on November 7, 2020

Your 2021 executive are:
President - Steve Martin
Vice President - Roxanne Steenbergen
Secretary - Michelle Chapman
Treasurer and Public Officer - Felicity Sly

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From the blog: Our Convict Past

Delve into Australia’s colonial history through children’s literature. This week Maureen Mann presents a range of texts filled with facts and fictional stories representing our convict history.

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From the blog: Rachel Tribout – Drawing on the Landscape

Rachel Tribout explores her French roots and cultural and environmental experiences when moving to Tasmania in this expressive and personal window into an illustrator’s world. Her deep affinity to the environment is witnessed through a range of artistic endeavours – expressed through the science of the spotted hand-fish and the haunting presence of Wonder Quinn.

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From the blog: Dipping into the 2021 shortlist for the INDIE Book Awards

This week Jennie explores titles on the INDIEs 2021 shortlist and provides some snapshots and personal perspectives about the books. Climate change and sustainable living are recurring themes in the YA selection. As future bloggers explore the shortlist it will be interesting to see how opinions vary.

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From the blog: Virtual Author Visits

Author visits in schools provide an exciting conduit to connect the reader, the book and the creator to create a synergy of excitement and enthusiasm. Jennie Bales provides a context for virtual authors visits and Lian Tanner and Julie Hunt, two of Tasmania’s successful and much-loved authors for young people, provide personal insights into the process. The piece ends with some tips to consider when planning your next virtual event – for authors and schools!

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