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CBCA Tasmania and COVID-19

Activities of CBCA Tas Branch have been interrupted by the COVID-19 virus. At this stage, we are still accepting Institutional Memberships and requests for access to the Author/Illustrator Workshops in schools.

Due to the declared state of emergency in Tasmania (declared March 19 2020), no Workshops will be occurring for at least 12 weeks.

We will provide links to resources that can be used at home.

2020 Executive elected on November 2, 2019

Your 2020 executive are:
President - Leanne Rands
Vice President - Victoria Ryle
Secretary - Steve Martin
Treasurer - Felicity Sly

We welcome enquiries. Please go to our contacts page.

Membership for 2020

Join or renew now to support the volunteer operations of CBCA Tas branch.

Personal or institution membership forms can be accessed here.

Book of the Year Awards 2020

Activities to support the lead up to Book Week (Notables Events, Shortlist Events and Judges’ Talks) are currently suspended.

Merchandise packages will be sent to schools with Institutional Memberships (free merchandise and postage)

We’ll advertise events as they can be scheduled.

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From the blog: From Brizzlehounds to Chooks

This week, guest blogger Lian Tanner, provides some insights into her writing craft and passions with a special focus on her latest endeavour that has expanded her repertoire. Read on and be introduced to a most amazing chook called Clara.

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From the blog: Cover Story

After a taste of what was to come last year when Julie and Dale shared snippets of their current endeavour, it is wonderful to share insights into how the cover for Shoestring, the Boy Who Walks on Air was developed. What an enchanting entry into a world of magic and amazement.

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From the blog: The Heart of the Bubble

From the blog: A timely follow on from last week’s post on our current dystopian reality, this week, discover a new book tackling the impact of living in lockdown. Highly acclaimed children’s author/illustrator Trace Balla has just self-published The Heart of the Bubble - a story with 2020 vision set in the time of corona.

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From the blog: I’ve lost my bookmark!

Join Tasmanian author and illustrator, Christina Booth, in a post that navigates the waters of a pandemic world to bring hope and inspiration to her fellow creators and consumers of story – we all have a story to share – but need to make sure we don’t lose our place in the process.

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From the blog: Connections

This week, Emma Nuttall explores the power of story to connect readers in numerous ways. This post is sure to help readers make their own connections to particular shared moments and texts.

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